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Counter Clicker is Speedway Fan - 1948
Keenness in his job as a counter clicker, efficiency and the fact that he appreciates the value of team spirit in his department, have won twenty-seven years old Kenneth Stanley not only the praises of his superiors, but also account for his rapid rise first to shareman and then to first-man in Dept 401. Foreman C Osborne, who has known Ken since he returned from the Forces told Bata Record that besides his conscientiousness and constant good time-keeping, Ken puts his heart into his work and is always ready to take over any job in the department.
“Ken can always be relied on to do any job, and whenever I ask him to do anything, I am confident that he will carry it out with great efficiency and without the necessity of a reminder.
He takes a special interest in teaching leaner cutters, and by his example inspires the whole of the department with a fine sense of team spirit.”
Ken came to East Tilbury one week after war broke out in 1939, and worked in Dept 401 until he was called up for the R.A.F. in December 1941.
He trained as a wireless operator airgunner, and served throughout with Coastal Command. It was on the sorties with these groups, whether on convoy patrols or on shipping strikes, that he learned the value of team spirit - an attitude of mind as important in times of peace as it was in wartime.
Demobbed in June, 1946. he soon got into the stride of the work again, and in January, 1947, was promoted to shareman. Having shown himself worthy of this promotion by his extra efforts, he was promoted to first-man six months later.
In October of last year he was elected to the M.A.C. and was also made a member of the Board of conciliation and Arbitration - both of which meant more responsibilities - but he did not mind in the least for he is only too pleased to help smooth away any difficulties and east the path to make the department run more happily and contentedly.
Away from work, he is a keen speedway fan and regularly every Tuesday evening he goes to watch his favourites, “The Hammers.” Such is his keenness, that he is not satisfied with only watching but wants to have a try at speedway riding himself.
A Bata footballer before he joined the R.A.F., Ken contents himself with being a spectator these days and is a supporter of Grays Athletic
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