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John Jarvis is 50 tomorrow – 1963
Wish many happy returns to John Jarvis, a mixer on the Banbury mixer in Dept 301, of the rubber factory, who celebrates his fiftieth birthday tomorrow, (Saturday).

It was when he left the Army fater the war that he came to British Bata. Before the war he had been employed at several factories and works in the Thurrock area. Up to that time he had never settled anywhere for long.

“I had lived mostly in Grays before the war but afterwards I went to live at Stanford-le-Hope and ,one day I saw an advertisement in the Gazette for Men to work in the rubber factory. I needed work, so I put in an application. Before long I found I had been accepted and started work.

“I began in the reclaim department, milling the “crumb” made from the vulcanised rubber. Later I was moved to my present job as a mixer and have been working very happily there ever since.

“We all get on very well together on the ground floor. Most of the men live on Bata Estate, the same as I do, and roughly speaking, we are all much of an age. It is a good job and well paid so we have no complaints in that respect.

“That goes to make for general contentment in the department and, speaking for myself, I’m happy living on Bata Estate.

“I have been in the Bata Fire Brigade for the past fourteen years and shall qualify for a bar to my ten-year long service medal by the summer of this year. That, too, has been a very pleasant after-work occupation. I don’t think there has been one really serious fire all the time I’ve been in the brigade.

“It is always impressed on us that our main job is fire prevention and I think it speaks well for the fire prevention measures and the fire prevention teaching throughout the factory, that the number of fires has been so small and that they have been extinguished quickly with the modern apparatus the Company provides.”

Apart from the fire brigade, John says he has no other hobbies except looking after his home, decorating and doing a bit of gardening.

“I’m not all that fond of gardening,” he said, “but I’m proud of my home and want my garden to look as good as those of my neighbours”.


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