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Harry Cayzer says Goodbye – 1963
With the last working day of the Old Year, Harry Cayzer decided, after deferring his retirement, to call it a day and to take his pension.

Harry, who is 66 years of age, has served the Company for 26 years and been a resident of Bata Estate for more than 25 years. All his service has been spent in the stockrooms of the buying department and he served the greater part of that time in charge of the timber stock.

This included the timber used for making wooden heels and the last blocks used by Dept 404, the last making workshop. He also had the responsibility of looking after the kiln in which the timber was dried before being sent to the workshops.

He also worked in a number of other stockrooms and, when he ended his service, was working in the iron stock.

Every inch a Londoner, he has spent most of his life in East Ham and West Ham areas until he moved to East Tilbury in 1936, with his small son and daughter.

Most residents of the Estate remember them. Today Harry’s daughter, who in her single days was a worker at the factory, now has a shop at Tilbury with her husband.
Young Harry also joined British Bata when he left Stanford-le-Hope school, which he and his sister attended in the days before the Bata Primary School.
Today he is the plant engineer at Maryport.

Of his service with the Company, Harry Cayzer says, “I have been very happy with British Bata and the Company has treated me exceptionally well in many ways. I shall be sorry to leave for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the fact that I shall be leaving behind many old friends.

“I think on reflection, that one of the nicest things which happened to me during my 26 years with British Bata, was Mr Tusa’s decision to give me my gold watch for 25 years service. You see, in 1940, after a spot of bother, I lost my temper and broke my service. It was only for a wek but it was a break. Mr Tusa decided to overlook the incident and I and my whole family really appreciate that generous gesture.

“And now the time has come for me to go but before I finally leave the scene of so many happy years I do want to say how much I appreciate all the help, kindness and good comradeship which I have experienced during the past 26 years.”


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