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Maryport Works Manager reaches 65th Birthday. - 1963
Manager of the British Bata Factory at Maryport in Cumberland, Mr Frank Kraus, on Monday celebrates his second important anniversary in consecutive years - his 65th birthday.
It was in September last year that he completed 50 years’ service with the Bata Shoe Organisation, which he joined as little more than a schoolboy in 1912.
On this occasion Bata Record, on behalf of everyone at British Bata extends to Mr Kraus sincere congratulations and all good wishes for the future. No doubt congratulations will pour in from all parts of the world, as they did last year when he completed his golden jubilee of Bata Service.
Mr Kraus, during his years with the organisation, has held a number of important positions and has the unique distinction of having been selected by the founder, Mr Tomas Bata, to teach his son, the present head of the organisation and chairman of British Bata, the craft of shoemaking. On several occasions in recent years the present Mr Thomas Bata has paid tribute to the thoroughness with which Mr Kraus undertook and carried our that important task.
A man with a wide experience, Mr Kraus has worked in the United States, and in the Bata factories all over Europe, for which he was the liaison officer, and it was in this position that he came to Britain in 1938. When World War II mad it impossible to carry on the advisor work he was doing for all European Bata factories, he closed his office and joined British Bata. That was 21 years ago.
At East Tilbury he returned to leather footwear production,m work he had done during the greater of his service, and took charge of one of the most important tasks there was at East Tilbury, the making and re-conditioning of Army boots. He remained on that job until he was appointed to take over the Maryport factory in 1942.
The factory was turned over to the making of munitions and managed by the well known electrical firm until it was handed back to British Bat and re-opened as a rubber footwear factory in 1946. Before, it had been making leather footwear.
Mr Kraus was appointed factory manager and since that thime he has been building up and improving the production of the Maryport plant.
Many people will remember Mr and Mrs Krasu’s son, Rudolph, who worked both at the Maryport factory and at East Tilbury and who is today one of the leading members of the staff of the Bata Shoe Company of South Africa, at their factory at Pinetown.

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