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Pilot Officer with 7th Squadron Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. He died on Tuesday 23rd November 1943 aged 24.
In a letter to the Bata Record he states that whilst stationed in Suffolk his troop had played against a Professional Northern Football Club, only losing by two goals.
Whilst at the Factory he was known for his running at the Annual Sports Meetings.
He had joined the Company in 1933 and was one of six promotions announced in February 1939 for the Leather Factory when he went from Shareman to Checker.
He left at the end of 1939 to join the Army before transferring to the R.A.F. where he became a Bomber Pilot.
When he got married the Reception was held in the Tilbury Hotel and was attended by many other Bata Shoe Company Employees.
Stanley Dorrell in 1939 when his promotion to Checker was announced.