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Aircraftman 1st Class with Royal Air Force.
Died on Wednesday 19th August 1942, aged 27.
He was born on 20th August 1915, the son of Mr and Mrs Ernest James Jackman.
Peter Jackman worked for the British Bata Shoe Company for 10 years before signing on in the R.A.F. He was employed in the Companies London Office as a 15 year old Office Boy in 1930, three years before the Factory at East Tilbury was built. He came to East Tilbury in 1934, when the original single storey factory was being built, as a Correspondence Clerk in Department 550. His versatility and knowledge of the Bata System marked him for early promotion and beforet he end of 1934 he was managing the Wholesale Department.
In June 1936 he transferred to the Retail Department to gain experience on that side of the Organisation. First he served as Assistant Manager of the Dagenham Shop, afterwards taking control of the Brentwood shop. His next movewas to Inspector of the Essex Group of shops and in 1937 he was promoted to Group Manager of the South London District.
In February 1938 he was appointed to Group Manager of the Supply Departments, which postion he still held in January 1939 when the Bata Record featured him in a series of articles entitled "They made good".
He did his training for the R.A.F. at an aerodrome on the North West Coast.
Peter Jackman on his wedding day in 1939.