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Gunner with 64(The Queen's Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry) Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery.
Died on Monday 7th April, 1941, aged 22.
Leslie was born on 18th July 1918, the middle of three sons to Robert Gordon and Florence Sapsford of Vange, Essex. Prior to starting employment for the Bata Shoe Company in May 1934 he was a Bakers Roundsman for Carter and Clatworthy. His eldest brother Robert Gordon Sapsford was killed in action in Holland during December 1944.
His younger brother Donald also worked for the British Bata Shoe Company, joining in 1936 when he was 14 years old. He and Leslie used to cycle to work together until Leslie was called up on his 21st birthday in July 1939, which was also Gordon's wedding day. Leslie was Best Man to Gordon. Donald, the youngest brother, says that he found their joint bedroom quite strange after this day when the occupants went from three to one.
Leslie did his training at Colchester and moved about the Essex Coast until he was sent to Belgium. He was then sent over the Belgian/Dutch Border when the Germans invaded the Low Countries, he was in action until the evacuation of Dunkirk.
He was among the last to leave and was brought out on HMS Greyhound, a destroyer. Leslie met up with his younger brother Donald, who had just joined up, whilst on disembarkation leave and thoroughly castigated him for being such a fool.

In a letter to the Bata Record in 1940 he states how he managed to get out of Dunkirk and was pleased to receive his Bata Record which helps to keep him up to date with news from home.
The Grave of Leslie Sapsford in Vange, Essex.
Leslie with his gun crew at Colchester.