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Prior to the war he was a Foreman in the Leather Factory Department 401. He was in the Leather Manipulation Department for 7 years finishing as a Foreman. He was known to be fighting in Malaya but it was reported in the Bata Record of April 1942 that nothing had been heard of him since the fall of Singapore.
Photograph taken from Bata Record of the week's best foremen at the lunch conference on May 7th 1938.
Left to right: George Game (Dept 401), S Gillion (Buyer), A. Taylor (Dept 424), Reg Clear (Dept 302) and W Cooper (Dept 323).
Private in 4th Battalion Suffolk Regiment.
Died on Sunday 13th June 1943, aged 27 whilst a Prisoner of War in Thailand.

Son of William John and Selina Maud Game of Grays, Essex, and husband of Alice Lilian Game of Chadwell St Mary who worked in the Leather Factory.