Reminiscence and Resource Centre

During the Second World War, Lea Bridge Enterprises staff worked on Barrage Balloons, Air Sea Rescue Equipment and Parachutes.
In 1946 they sub-contracted to the British Bata Shoe Company and started sewing simple textile uppers for shoes. The Company grew over the years and were soon sewing first class leather uppers.
Department 3463 in 1953.
1954. Clickers in the new cutting room at Lea Bridge Industries with their preparing girls. Mr E.R.A. Findlay, in the dark suit, was in charge of the shoemaking division. Mr. J. Kubanek, Floor Manager, is on the left and Foreman Leslie Edwards, in charge of the Cutting Room is on the extreme right
The first of the new clicking presses in the new cutting department, 1954. More were to be added as the department grew.
Thomas and Sonia Bata visit Lea Bridge in 1958.
A consignment of uppers sewn at Lea Bridge ready to go to East Tilbury have a final check from Mr Frank Hallifax and Mr Ron Lidbury, 1960.
Lily Latham retiring in 1960 after working for Lea Bridge Enterprises for 20 years.
Mr E.R.Findlay is seated with Lily.