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Hampton and Brothers of Netherton, near Dudley, just inside the border of Worcestershire was taken over by British Bata in March 1949. This factory was to specialise in the production of heavy industrial leather boots and football boots. The first thing the Bata Shoe Company did was to improve the appearance of the factory so that it stood out as a landmark in the district.
After the acquisition of this factory British Bata set about modernising the inside by taking out the old type of lighting and installing fluorescent lighting everywhere. All the machines were then motorised and the old overhead shafting removed before the factory was decorated in the familiar colours of green and white.
Daisy Fellows, Sarah Burchill, Mary Roper, Ethel Hingley and Evelyn Smith, female workers at Hampton Brothers who had completed 140 years service between them in 1950.
Ben Timmington, Tom Knowles, Bert Purdey and Sol Price, workers at Hampton Brothers who between them had completed 160 years of service when the company was acquired by British Bata.