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The Bata Factory at Cumnock, in Scotland, opened in 1964 and was set in rural surroundings. It was one of the tidiest, most modern shoe factories in Great Britain.
Jean Walker Agnew, who still lives in Cumnock remembers being the first female employee in the Bata Shoe Factory in Cumnock. She remembers standing outside the factory, with Alex Geddes, waiting for the Manager, Mr Taylor, to open the factory for the very first time.Mr Taylor came from the East Tilbury Factory. She was employed by the Bata Company as whe had previous experience making shoe in another factory in Dumfries.
Cumnock factory produced half a million pairs of shoes per year as well as two million pairs of uppers for the East Tilbury Leather and Rubber Factories.
In the 1970's the average age of staff at the Cumnock Factory was mid twenties
Sewing Forelandy, J. Williamson, discussing a technical point on Mothercare uppers with machinist, J. Keary.
1982 saw Isabel Cowan (left) and Lynda Dickson (right) visit the East Tilbury Factory for a week to learn French Binding. They were shown these skills by Mrs Teresa Kaminski.
Exterior views of the factory at Cumnock