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On March 19th 1954 a series was started in the Bata Record called "It runs in the family". This series was previewed with the following:

"One of the most outstanding features of British Bata is its strong family element - since its earliest days, the Company has had a large number of workers with brothers, fathers, sons, daughters, or other relatives earning a happing living at East Tilbury. In every department there is at least one worker who has another member of his or her family somewhere else in the factory, and, in several cases, two or more relatives are in the same department.
This is significant. It means that the Company's reputation for good conditions and wages, and interesting and important work, is requently passed from father to son or daughter, or from brother to sister, and that, whenever a young member of a family is old enough, he decides, after having been told of the opportunities available, to become one more happy Bata worker."

Below is a list of some of the families which featured in this series, more will be added later. Click on the family name to go to the relevant page.