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Young Heel Laster Promoted Shareman - 1948
Just promoted to Shareman, seventeen year old Tony Monks has proved himself one of the best workers of Dept 442. Coming straight from school at Stanford to Bata, some fourteen months ago, Tony was not quite sure how he would like to work here. But today, having worked almost a year at heel lasting, he is no longer doubtful. He knows he is doing a man’s job and likes it. Foreman Levitt is enthusiastic about his work. “He is a conscientious worker and because of his regular, punctual attendance, he can always be relied on. I wish I had a few more like him.” It was in recognitions of his good work that he was promoted shareman.
Out of working hours, Tony’s greatest pre-occupation is football. he likes to play whenever he gets the chance, and until recently was playing in goal for the junior team. Unfortunately he is now almost too old for the Juniors, and Oakley plays in his place. tony expects to be in the Services next season. But, undaunted, Tony still follows the Juniors’ matches with great enthusiasm, and when he himself is not playing, watches every game he can.

When he is called up, before the end of this year, Tony would prefer to serve his time in the Navy. He has never been to sea before, but wants to have the opportunity to travel and see as much of the world as possible. Asked whether he had any girl friends, Tony said “he had no time or interest in girls, and was far more interested in sport in general and football in particular.”