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Readman leaves for Pakistan - 1956

Leaving today with his wife and femily to take up a postion with the Bata Organisation in Pakistan, is Tim Readman, of the engineering section.
Readman is one of the original party of boys who went to the headquarters of the Bata Organisation for training in 1932, the year before the factory opened. Like the others of the party who completed the training course, when he returned to East Tilbury he found the new factory was well established.
Thinking he might do better elsewhere, Readman left British Bata shortly before the outbreak of war, but was pleased to return quite shortly, and he has been with British Bata ever since, except for a period of war service, when he spent some time in West Africa.

Before he left today Readman visited Bata Record to acknowledge in its columns all the help and kindness he has experienced from the Company, fellow workers, neighbours and friends while he has been preparing to go to Pakistan.
He also asked the Record to express his regrets, and those of Mrs Readman, that they have been unable, in the last minute rush, to get round to see all their friends, and to those they have missed, they say “au revoir” and look forward to seeing them when they are next in Europe.
Tim's wife, Olive, and son, Michael.

Pictures taken c1956.

Tim saying goodbye to colleagues at East Tilbury.