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Willing Member of a Fine Team - 1948
A capable girl, with a willing disposition and a genuine interest in the work of the department - those are the qualities of nineteen years old Sylvia Ford, of Dept 324. Coming to East Tilbury in August, 1946, Sylvia first started in the sewing section of Dept 324, but after some ten months, at her own request, Sylvia transferred to working on the conveyor and after learning various operations she has now gained great proficiency at cementing edges.
Never absent, except when she has been really ill, Sylvia has become a willing member of a fine team, who takes a great interest in the well being
of the department as a whole, and Foreman P Rogers is extremely pleased not only with her work, but also with the way in which she has fitted perfectly into his team of workers.
Sylvia is not the only member of her family who works for the Bata organisation, for her mother is here as well, working as a part timer in Dept 325, while her sixteen years old brother, Dennis, trims foxing in her own department.
Because her mother is working during the daytime, Sylvia helps a good deal at home in the evenings adn so does not go out frequently. Dancing does not appeal to her greatly, but Sylvia confessed that she is fond of going to the pictures, and that Bing Crosby is her favourite film star.
Shortly wedding bells will be ringing for Sylvia, for on October 9 she takes on new responsibilities when she marries her “young man”, Charlie Hayworth, a docker from Tilbury.
At present she is busy in the evenings fixing up the two rooms they will occupy in her mother’s house, and there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done. Her fellow workers join Bata Record in wishing Sylvia Ford all the best for the future.