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Many years spent abroad - 1963
Robert Kuna, manager of the Port Harcourt group of British Bata stores in Nigeria, completed 25 years service with the Company on Saturday.
On behalf of his colleagues, both at home and overseas, British Bata extends to him congratulations on his quarter of a century of service with the British Bata organisation.
Within a few days of his fiftieth birthday, Mr Kuna has completed 36 years service with the Bata Shoe Organisation and has been attached to the retail sales section for the greater part of that time.
He volunteered overseas service and his first job under the British Bata banner was as manager of the St Lucia group of shops in the Windward Islands of the West Indies.
It was from there that he came on leave to East Tilbury and found romance, eventually marrying one of the girls on the export staff.
At present on leave in Europe, he is spending most of the time at his wife’s old home in Scotland, with her and their three children.
It was just 10 years ago that he was transferred from the West Indies to Nigeria, where he is building up the company’s business in the Port Harcourt district.
Fond of a quiet life outside the business world, he is a numismatist and philatelist.