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Knows all operations in her workshop. – 1948
Lilian Rogers, sweet sixteen, with colour in her cheeks and a sparkle in her eye, is one of Dept 321’s outstanding workers. She was among the first ten people in the department when it stared up after the war-time close down. She will have been three years in the rubber factory next March, having come there straight from school.
A Tilbury girl, she has made her mark as an “all-rounder” and in her own words, “There is not a job on the conveyor which I cannot do.” Cementing shins – her first job, that – or foxing, they all come the same to her and, no matter what job she is given to do, she will do it, in such a way as to earn the praise of Foreman V Law and set an example to other workers.
When leaving school and faced with the great task of making her way in the world she naturally thought of the Bata factory when she came to consider a job. For one thing, many of her friends were working here, and Lilian likes company.
Among the friends she made in those early days was a certain boy named Reg. Reg, like Lilian was fourteen and a happy boy and girl friendship developed between them. Later, this developed between into something more and Lilian confessed that she and Reg are now “going steady”.
Her principal interests outside of work are films – she likes murder on the screen, the more gory the better – and dancing. Boogie woogie makes no appeal. She is a keen netball player and should be a promising recruit for the factory netball team, although up to the moment she has not given her name to Pat Warren or the Sports Club, who are anxious to get as many netball players as they can in the hope of running two or more teams as soon as possible. It is your next move now Lilian.