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He was fifty years old yesterday - 1954
“I feel fine, and look forward to many more happy years with the Bata organisation. My aim is, as it has always been, still better quality shoes, and I commend that to the workers as a resolution for 1954.”

Floormanager Karel Pech, of the top floor of the leather factory, said this to Bata Record, on being congratulated on reaching his fiftieth birthday yesterday.

For nearly 28 years of his half-century, Floormanager Pech has been a Bataman, starting in the leather factory in Zlin, in 1926, and helping in the establishment of the factory at Mohlin six years later.

He came to East Tilbury just before Christmas, 1935, as a leather footwear instructor.

Until about a year ago, Floormanager Pech was in charge of the thrid floor of the leather factory. He has been a floormanager since 1944.