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A young worker who concentrates. - 1948
“If he carries on as he has done since he came to Bata, he has a fine future in front of him.” Those were the words floormanager W Cooper used when asked about the progress fifteen years old John Lighten, of Dept 322, had made since he came here in April of last year. Foreman E Ralph too was enthusiastic and explained that he had been unable to find anyone who was able to do the petrolling of shins for wellingtons as efficiently as young John. Since he started in the department some eighteen months ago, he has not missed a single day of work and is a model timekeeper. He can always be relied upon to carry on with his work, from which he is not easily distracted.
John came here straight from the Thurrock Secondary School at Grays, and confessed that although he was the only member of his family to work at East Tilbury, he really liked it here and enjoyed the comradeship of working in Dept 322.
Away from work his chief hobby is stamp collecting and he already has a fine and neatly catalogued collection. Most of his stamps he get by swapping with pals, although he has many people who collect them on his behalf.
He has spent quite a long time on studying perforations and watermarks, and he is always on the look-out to spot any rarities or scarce issued.
If he is not busily pouring over his albums, he likes to watch television programmes at home, and can spend hours at watching the small screen.
During the weekends he helps in the garden, but this he does rather because of parental encouragement than because he really enjoys it.
An occasional visit to the cinema makes a change for him.
Quiet both in the home and at work, he carries on with his job or his hobby without much concern about the things that do not interest him.