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Girl who stamps for her money. - 1948
Stamping Government utility specifications on to linings is a job with responsibility, for the slightest slip might mean a great deal when it is found on the inside marking on a pair of shoes. Knowing her job of stamping thoroughly and doing it well, is Joan Course, of Dept 405, who can always be relied upon to carry out any instructions faithfully and without being told twice.
Joan, who is just twenty-one, started at East Tilbury in August, 1941, in Dept 406, skiving toe puffs, before transferring to her present department. Some six months ago Joan was given a new stamping machine to work, and since then has achieved the regular record total of 6,000 pairs of linings stamped each day.
At one time she used to be a keen member of the Bata netball team, but recently she has had little time for this, or for knitting and needlework, which are her other hobbies, for she is busily preparing for her wedding day which will take place in August. Lucky man is Tom Gaylor, cousin of Daphne Gaylor, of the staff department, and of Phyllis Gaylor, who until her recent marriage worked in Dept 405.
Joan, whose work was highly praised by Floormanager A Cossins, told Bata Record that in spite of all the excitement of the wedding preparations, she will be really sorry to leave the grand crowd of fellow workers with whom she has worked for seven years. They too will miss her cheerful, smiling face.