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Jimmy Wood for Jamaica Factory - 1963
After 18 happy years at East Tilbury, Mr Jimmy Wood, D.V.P checker, and a well known leather factory personality, left yesterday for an appointment in the British Bata factory in Jamaica.
“I am looking forward to this opportunity to justify the Company’s confidence in me,” he told Bata Record, “ and my only regret is that I shall miss the many good friends I have made here.”
Mr Wood has worked mostly on lasting sections, in various department, and various styles. He has been checking for six years, first in Dept 471 - men’s welted section, and then in Dept 432, where he completed his service at East Tilbury on D.V.P. shoes.
“I learned the D.V.P. process right through,” he said, “and made myself familiar with every stage, from laboratory to finished article. It will, I understand, be useful in my new post.”
He is one of the Company’s several employees who found romance as well as work, at East Tilbury. The duaghter of the foreman under whom he first worked - Charlie Dawson - became his wife after they had met when she was working in a sewing section. They have two girls at school, and a younger son.
Many people know Jimmy as a clever and enthusiastic photographer, but, not so many of them know that he, until a few years ago, was also active in a more strenuous pastime - track cycling, for which he won several trophies. He was at his best when he rode for the Royal Air Force teams during his National Service. He was a founder member of Bata Camera Club.