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50th Birthday of Hynek Hlustik

On behalf of all British Bata employees, the Record has pleasure in extending to Group Buyer Hynek Hlustik congratulations upon his fiftieth birthday, which falls today.
Mr Hlustik is one of the older generation of Batamen, having a record of more than 33 years service with the Bata Organisation in various parts of Europe.
As a youth, he began his service at Zlin and because of his efficiency and hard work was promoted rapidly to a number of positions, serving among other places, with the Bata organisation in Jugoslavia.
He joined British Bata as chief stock-keeper and once again his ability secured for him promotion to be a leather buyer and eventually to group buyer.
A married man, he has three sons, two of whom are employees of British Bata, while the third is still a student.