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Fourteen years in Dept 402. - 1948
Thirteen and a half years in the same department, with a break for war service, is the proud record of 27 years old Henry Lawson, of Dept 402, and not a bad record either. He came to Bata at the age of 14, after leaving school, and although at first he did not care very much for the work, Henry, who is an inner sole presser, has come to enjoy it and knows he has got a good job. Called up for the ARmy when he was 20, he joined the Irish Guards, and travelled the world at the Government’s expense, first to North Africa, and then the dangerous beach head landing at Anzio, Italy. It as here, while trying to break our of the narrow pocket, that Henry was taken prisoner and sent to a P.O.W. camp in Germany.
He was released by the advancing Allied armies, and came back to England for a well deserved leave. Before he was de-mobbed, however, he found himself doing guard duty at the Tower of London, alongside the Beefeaters. After his demob, in July, 1946, he returned to East Tilbury, glad to be done with travelling and looking forward to his regular working hours. He rejoined Dept 402, and Foreman A Mathews, who has known Henry ever since he came to Bata, told Bata Record that he was one of the department’s best workers, fully understanding the system, and conscientiously completing his daily plan on time. In recognition of his good work, he was promoted shareman a year ago, and last November was married at Tilbury. Until he received a bad knock on his leg, he used to play football regularly, and he still is a keen supporter of the Tilbury team.
Henry although fond of dancing, says he has had little time for it recently as he finds married life quite a full time job.