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Harry Davis - Long Service 1954.

Floormanager Davis is an older servant than Reg Clear by 24 hours, having stared on April 3, so his 20 years ended on Saturday. “I feel as young and as lively as when I started,” he said, “and if this is what it feels like after the first 20 years, then I am certainly all set for the second.”

He has had varied work with the Company, He started on a rubber factory conveyor, doing lasting and other operations. Then, in 1936/7 he worked in the calculation department. He returned to calculation for a short while after leaving the Army, and was made foreman of Dept 306. of which he still has charge, in 1948.

Harry incidentally, had an interesting duty for some of his five years’ service in the Army - he was in charge of Field Marshall Montgomery’s personal security unit at Osterwalde, Germany.