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Did a man’s job in the War years. - 1948
Eight happy years at East Tilbury, and twenty-two years old Gladys Mary Pitts does not regret a minute of the time she has worked for British Bata, since she left school in 1940. After spending six months in the sewing department of the leather factory school conveyor, Gladys worked on several different jobs in various department, before operating a heel lasting machine in Dept 422. She stayed in this department doing a job, which she thoroughly liked, throughout the war years, and at the end of that time, with the return of the men fold from the services, found herself transferred to Dept 424.
Here, while this department was producing sandals, she was fitting socks, but with the recent change-over to producing californias, she now has the task of cementing and inserting the sole fittings.
Although she would prefer to operate a machine again, Gladys has always put her heart into her job and worked conscientiously, fitting in well with the happy team of workers in her department.
Foreman A Taylor has nothing but praise for her work, and commends her thoroughness at whatever task she is asked to fulfill.
She lives at Tilbury and has a brother and a sister, working in the leather factory, her brother Eddie having worked at East Tilbury since 1938, is at present first man of the school conveyor, and her half sister Doris has worked in the sewing section of Dept 423 ever since she left school in January 1946.
Unmarried as yet, Gladys admits to courting a boy friend in Manchester, who was stationed at Tilbury Docks during his war time service with the Royal Navy.
In the evenings Gladys likes to read a book, but she is particular about the type of book she reads. All her novels must have a definite romantic interest. Still - Manchester is not so far away, and who knows what the future has in store.