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Retires from the Company’s Mill - 1963
A long service member of the staff of Derbyshire and Blackburn, whose cotton mill is at Adlington, near Chorley, Lancs., has just retired.
He is Gilbert Dixon, aged 65 years, a taper. When British Bata took the mill over in 1949, Gilbert Dixon was one of the employees and so remained until last week, when he left to go into a well-earned retirement.
In 1960 he received the Company’s long service award for 10 years’ service.
When he left, employees and staff clubbed together to buy him an electric blanket, which was presented by Mr C Novotny, the mill manager.
With Mr Novotny and Mr Dixon in the accompanying picture are Mr Fred Walmsley, the weaving shed manager, and next to him is old Frank Ainscough, the other taper who had worked alongside Gilbert Dixon for years. Ainscough celebrated his sixty-fifth birthday two days before the picture was taken.
The two younger men are Fred Birchall and Trevor Derbyshire.
Most people at East Tilbury will remember Mr Novotny, who was for some years a textile buyer.
A number of members of the staff of the textile mill had been there for many years when British Bata took over.