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His main interest is making good shoes - 1948
It is just one year since 25 years’ old George Arnold, of Dept 441, has been back at work at East Tilbury, and during that time he has earned the praise of both his foreman and floormanager for his conscientious and thorough work. But praise is not the only thing he has earned for George was promoted to shareman at the beginning of this year, and is proud of it.
Coming to work at the factory at the age of fourteen, after passing through the leather factory school, he worked in Dept 432 and Dept 423, but as soon as Dept 441 was established, transferred there as a sole-stitcher.
He joined the Air Force in 1942, as, as a corporal in the R.A.F. Regiment, was soon posted to a squadron in the Azores, where he had a wonderful time basking in the sunshine.
Coming back to Europe he served in Belgium, Holland and Germany on aerodrome defence work, and after his demob returned to East Tilbury and Dept 441, in January 1947.
Living in Pitsea, he travels to his work by bus daily, and although he likes his work, says that he is generally too tired in the evenings to go out much.
At present George is busy looking out for a flat or a house, for as soon as he can find some suitable accommodation he intents to marry his Pitsea fiancee, Hilda Bates.
He is fond of dancing but can rarely find time for it these days, but he does like to go to the cinema and see a good English film. Hollywood musicals and romantic love scenes leave him cold.
But his main interest is making good shoes, and Foreman R Lay considers George one of his best workers, one who should have a great future in front of him.