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Waited to bring his wife from Greece. - 1948
Glad to be back home again after spending the last three and a half years with the British Military Mission in Greece, is thirty-three years old Frank Austin, who is at present picking up the threads of his pre-war job of edge trimming, in the leather factory school.
Although he had the chance of coming home on demobilisation leave some two years ago, Frank, who was married to a Greek girl in February, 1946, preferred to wait until such a time when both he and his wife could be repatriated together, and signed on for another two years.
Starting with the Company in July, 1933, Frank was working in Dept 421 in 1940 when he joined the Essex Regiment. He was soon sent overseas, and after seeing service in the Western Desert, Tunisia, Palestine, Syria and Italy, was
posted with the 4th Indian Division to Greece in December, 1944.
It was not long before he learned to speak, more or less fluent Greek, so Frank was promoted to the rank of sergeant and posted to the British Military Mission.
His duties of training Greek Government troops took him to the trouble area of northern Greece Macedonia, and it was there one evening at a party at a friend’s house that he met a pretty Greek girl, Elaine, who later became his wife.
At last, after waiting so long, they managed to get a passage together last month and travel back to England.
Mrs Austin, who is living with Frank’s mother and sister in Tilbury, found British post-war life rather strange at first.