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From Ghana for special course - 1963
Waiting at East Tilbury on Monday, to start a three month’s training course in the work of the retail department was Foster Appiah, who arrived from Accra, the previous night.
A member of the Bata retail staff at Accra, where he has held several positions, his work attracted the attention of his seniors, who recommended him for farther training.
The export department is responsible for his training, which will include all aspects of retail department work, including salesmanship, advertising and display work and all work connected with the day to day running of a Bata store.
In addition, he will have a thorough grounding in supplying, using the latest methods and all the modern aids, before he returns to Accra.
He told Bata Record he had come to East Tilbury with the intention of working hard and learning as much as possible during his stay. He was proud to have been chosen to take the special training course.