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Celebrating 25 years’ Service with Bata - 1956.

Tonight British Bata is honouring the long service of a very large number of its employees, at a dinner to be held at Bata Hotel, when they will receive their long service awards as a token of the Company’s appreciation of the year’s they have spent in it’s service.
Out on the Gold Coast another Bataman will - tonight- be celebrating his quarter of a century as a Bataman. He is Mr F Vaculik, who only a few months ago left this country to take charge of the Company’s interests in that part of Africa.
Mr Vaculik started with the Bata Organisation as a salesman and from 1931 until the following year worked in Bata stores, transferring to the retail sales department in 1932 and, after two years was, at his own request, transferred to the export department in West Africa.

After a year on the Gold Coast, he took over Lagos, in Nigeria, and was there until 1936, when he left to do his military service.
On the completion of three years in the Army, he went back to Nigeria and after a while was promoted to take charge of retail sales for the Bata Organisation in that Country. He retained that position until 1946, when he came to Europe on leave having spent the whole of the war period in West Africa.
At the end of his leave, instead of returning to West Africa, he was appointed to take charge of the British Bata sales organisation in Jamaica.
Back in Europe on leave in 1951 he acted as export manager at East Tilbury during the absence on business in West Africa of Mr V Hassala, and then he returned to Jamaica where he remained until early this year, when he again came to East Tilbury on leave.
It was then that he received his present appointment in charge of the British Bata sales organisation in the Gold Coast and Sierra Leone.
He is married with two children and his hobbies are chess, tennis, and badminton. In addition he is a keen amateur photographer.