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A girl with a team spirit. - 1948
Team spirit is just as important in the workshop as good and conscientious workmanship, and although the workers who were here before the war still hang on to it, it is sometimes difficult to foster such a spirit amongst newer arrivals. Ethel Glibbery, who is a wrapper stitcher in Dept 453, is one of the members of her department who is imbued with such a healthy team spirit which makes the work in her section run much more smoothly. Ethel, who is 23 years old, worked for a radio factory in Chelmsford during the war, but left the district to come to Tilbury when she was married in September 19945, to Henry Glibbery who works in Dept 403.
A month after her wedding, Ethel came to Bata and for three months worked in the rubber factory, leaving at Christmas time to live in Durham. On her return to Tilbury in July, 1946, she came back to Bata, this time to the leather factory, and starting in Dept 404, she was transferred to her present workshop as soon as the department started up.
There she has been ever since, enjoying her work of wrapper stitching.
Of her work, Foreman Bill Roberts, who has known Ethel since January, 1947, says “She is a conscientious and hard worker, keen on her work, she does not wait for the buzzer to go before coming in in the morning. If she knows there is some work to be done, she will do it, if necessary even before 7.30 in the morning. Although she has her fair share of troubles, she is always cheerful and ready to help her fellow workers - she is an excellent example to the Department.”