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Clicker studies economics by night - 1948
Being a member of the Management Advisory Committee often is a difficult task, for the representative not only has to put forward the workers’ suggestions to the management, but also transmit the management’s views and explanations for certain actions to the workers. Without tact and understanding this could easily lead to the representative being unpopular with either party, but Eric Peacock, of Dept 405, one of the oldest workers in his department, carries through his difficult task efficiently, and yet has remained popular with both his fellow workers and his foremen and floormanager
Coming to Bata straight from school in 1935, Eric has worked in Dept 405 for the whole of his stay here and during this time has achieved such a high pitch of efficiency as a clicker, that he is one of two workers in his department who are able to work a good twenty per cent faster than the average clicker.

A member of the “Terriers”, Eric was called to the colours in 1939 and served in Western Europe with the artillery, holding the rank of Sergeant. On his return in 1946 he was made a shareman and he has always taken his responsibility seriously and gone out of his way to help his fellow workers.

At the last general election he was elected to the M.A.C. and since then has been a member of the Board of Conciliation and Arbitration.

Besides being a conscientious worker who takes a great interest in the well-being of his department, Eric likes to improve his knowledge of affairs in general and in the evening busily pours over National Council of Labour College courses - at present his subject is economics.

Married and living in Grays, Eric vows that gardening is not one of his hobbies, and it is only his wife’s “encouragements” that urge him to do all the necessary digging, weeding and mowing.