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M.A.C. Member of a good team. - 1948
The fact that conscientious workmanship and regular time keeping are vital qualities that go to make a good Bata worker, cannot be stressed too often, and every Bataman or girl who strives to get on, cannot help noticing that all those workers who are most valuable to their departments have achieved just those qualities. Dorothy Dodkin, who stitches vamps in Dept 324, has attained the recognition of these attributes and of solid dependability in her department, where she has been ever since it opened over two years ago.

Dorothy started work at East Tilbury in March, 1935, after she had done domestic work, and worked in various departments of the rubber factory, until that closed down at the beginning of the war.

Leaving Bata to work in a war factory in Chelmsford, where she was in an Air Ministry inspecting department, she returned in November, 1945, and after fitting linings for Wellington's, came to the section of the newly formed Dept 324. Soon her perseverance earned her promotion to sharewoman, thus giving her added incentive in the department’s output and quality drive. In October of last year, Dorothy was elected to the M.A.C. Favourite past-times are embroidery and knitting, and although se pays occasional visits to the cinema, she prefers to make her own entertainment.

Living in Grays, she has recently taken up the duties of lady cub-master, and every Monday evening, with the help of an assistant, struggles to keep a large number of young cubs usefully and entertainingly employed.

Both during her working hours and spare time Dorothy is always willing to lend a helping hand, and it is this selfless devotion that keeps her happy and contented.