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His new job is in Pakistan - January 1954
David leaves East Tilbury tonight to make preparation for a trip to Pakistan. He has been appointed to a new post at the Bata factory at Batapur.

One of the leading rubber technology students of his year at Bata Technical College, DAvid returned to East Tilbury upon completion of his national service last autumn and since then he has been taking a refresher course in rubber technology and the practical side of factory work. Recently he has been working a three bowl calender.

British Bata never ceases to make it clear that there is always promotion for the worker who is keen to make progress and to shoulder the responsibilities which promotion brings. The most recent example is that of David Freemantle, of the rubber factory and a former student of Bata Technical College.
He took the usual three years course at the college before joining the R.A.F. for his national service and told Bata Record that he was completing a normal school course at the Regent Street Polytechnic when he saw an advertisement about Bata Technical College and sent in an application.

“I have never regretted for one moment,” he said, “my decision to make my career in rubber technology.”

David is 21, and has his home at Harrow, Middlesex. At Batapur, where he is going for three years, he will work directly under Mr W Rose, manager of the tyre and tube department, on the plant at which bicycle tyres and inner tubes are made.

“I think this is a fine opportunity,” he declared, “and I intend to make the most of it. I shall make sure that I learn all I can while I am working. I am grateful to the Company for giving me this chance.”