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Celebrated his half century - 1956.

Bob King, one of the several long-service workers on the ground floor of the rubber factory, and masseur to Bata Sports senior football team, was 50 on Monday, and Bata Record joins with fellow-workers and sportsmen in tendering him heartiest congratulations.
“I am in my twenty-second year of service in this department (301),” said Bob, “and I have been happy all the time. I went on to the three-bowl callenders, on which I was chargehand for 14 years. For the past seven or eight years I worked any and everywhere in connection with rubber mixing and processing, and have had experience of pretty well every operation which is done down here. I have to be ready for any job, and there is nothing much I have not done in this part of the rubber factory.”

As football players and supporters know, Bob is a qualified masseur, being a member of the Smae Fellowship of Swedish Massage. He received instruction and tuition from the masseur for Gravesend Harriers, for whom he ran in his younger days.
He has been masseur for the football team for seven years. It came about after his niece, Jenny Thompson, who was then a prominent Bata athlete and winner of the John Tusa Cup, introduced him to Roger Naylor, who had pulled a muscle during Sports Day one year. He treated Roger, who thereon suggested massaging for the football club. The matter was discussed and Bob has been masseur ever since.
“I have treated hundreds of players since I became associated with the club” observed Bob, “and, without exception they have the finest sportsmen I could wish to deal with. I feel very fit and intend to remain with the club as long as they will have me. My fellow workers on this floor have been, and still are, fine chaps, and I have always the most considerate treatment from Floormanager R Clear. “
Bob is a familiar figure at all senior football matches. Her lives on Bata Estate and has a wife and a daughter who is preparing to get married.