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Accountant in West Indies at his half century. – 1963
Celebrating his fiftieth birthday yesterday was Mr B Motycka, who is the accountant to the British Bata organisation at Kingston.

Tall, well built, he is a distinctive figure with his close cropped silver hair, which some Batamen will remember as black many years ago. He is well known among the administration and export departments; staff as he has visited East Tilbury on a number of occasions when on holiday.

He is a Bataman of 35 years standing, starting as a book-keeper, a position which he held with the European Bata Organisation until he joined Abex, the advisory organisation which eventually moved to this country from Holland in 1939.

Before long he was selected to join Mr A Ronai, at Kingston, and he has been there for more than 22 years, eventually taking over the responsibility as accountant for the company’s organisation in the West Indies.

He was last at East Tilbury on leave in the summer of 1960 and is due for leave again in July this year, when he again proposes visiting East Tilbury. In 1956 he was one of the participants in the administration course that year.

A married man, he has two daughters and a son. The elder daughter, Georgette, now 20 – it will be recalled – lived at Bata Hotel for a year while studying in London.
The second daughter, Helen, is now 12 years of age and his son, Alan, is nearly 10.

While he includes tennis and swimming among his hobbies, his chief interest is in philately, on which he spends much of his spare time. Over the years he has built up a very comprehensive and valuable collection.