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Followed brothers to East Tilblury. - 1948
Working an automatic edge setting machine, the only one of its kind in the factory, Shareman Alfred Greenwood, of Dept 432, has between 800 and 900 pairs of shoes pass through his hands every day. An expert at his job, he knows his machine, which requires special skill to operate, intimately, and tends it with great care. Alfred came to East Tilbury straight from school in Grays in January, 1939, and going into Dept 432, has remained there ever since, for the last six years on the same machine. Single, he has been a shareman for more than three years, and besides his work as an edge setter, he has to settle all the materials for finishing for his department.
Alfred has two brothers working at Bata, his brother Jack, who is a floormanager in the leather factory, has been here since October, 1933, while his brother Jim, a stock-keeper in Dept 680, has been at East Tilbury for more than ten years.
Out of working hours, Alfred is also a busy man, for not only does he help to run a Youth Club in Chadwell, but he is also a keen amateur photographer and in conjunction with his brothers devotes quite a lot of time to this hobby.
He also used to be a versatile member of the Bata Concert Party and is a keen entertainer.
In the football season he is a keen supporter of his local team, Grays Athletic, but recently he bought himself a television set, and whenever he has a spare evening to himself he likes to stay at home and watch a good programme.