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Answered call for women in industry - 1948
The Government’s appeal last year for women to return to industry was answered by many workers who had left their war time jobs, and amongst those who came back to East Tilbury was Mrs A Cole, who lives at Tilbury. It was in 1939 that Mrs Cole, or Ada Blackwood, as she was then, first came to Bata, and working in several rubber factory departments, she was making small size wellingtons, and liking the work a lot. then came the blow - in 1942 - when the Government ordered the rubber factory to close down, and Ada, lame many others had to leave.

Towards the end of 1942, Ada was married, but after the war, when she heard her work was wanted, she decided that having no family, it was her duty to come back to Bata to help in the export drive, even if only as a part timer.

So now Ada works in Dept 322 from 7.30-12.30 daily and is happy at her work. Foreman E Ralph thanks himself fortunate to have such able help in his department, especially as Ada knows several operations, and he makes full use of her when anyone is absent.

Speaking to Bata Record, Foreman Ralph said “I am only sorry that she is not a full timer, Mrs Cole in experienced in fitting vamps and heels, and trimming soles. She is a credit to the department. “

In her spare time, for Ada is busy with housework in the afternoons, she likes to go dancing, and visits the cinema every Tuesday and Friday. The more gory and horrifying the films are, the better she likes them. “I like things that frighten me a little, I like to be thrilled when I go to see a film and tough stuff is much more exciting than romance.”