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Serving his second year on the M.A.C., representing Depts 301-9 and 381-2 is Vic Peacock, who has been cutting textiles in the upper manipulation department of the rubber factory for nearly all of his unbroken service with the Company since 1937. He is one of the most popular workers in Dept 306, and is the elder brother of Eric Peacock, of the Calculation Dept.
Vic has a high opinion of the M.A.C., as a means not only of discussing points of interest, but of getting things done, and says that more than one scheme of benefit to the workers originated through it’s offices.
“As one gains in experience, one learns when it is practicable for certain matters to be raised at meetings of the M.A.C.,” he told Bata Record, “and members act accordingly. In several cases, members deal on their own initiative with points which workers as to be investigated - they try to get them settled direct, and thereby reduce the work at meetings to essentials.”
Sports enthusiasts know Vic as one of the oldest members of the Bata Sports football club, having played as a back, half back or inside forward for 19 years. He is now one of the steadiest and most reliable members of the London league reserve team, and has frequently played for the senior eleven.