Reminiscence and Resource Centre

Also representing Depts 331-3, and also Dept 387 - the third floor of the rubber factory - is Tommy Kitts, a popular young day worker on the presses in Dept 332.
Tommy started on the conveyor in Dept 331 two years ago, and was transferred to the presses after six months. He likes the work there, and says the department is a happy family of friends.
“Yes, it is my first year on the M.A.C.,” he said, “and I knew nothing about it until someone came to me and said “Tommy, your name is down.” I am very pleased at being able to serve my fellow-workers in this way, however, and I consider membership of the M.A.C. is an ideal way of getting things done, both at meetings and at friendly talks with workers before meetings take place.
“I will always do my best and try to do what my fellow-workers want me to do.”