Reminiscence and Resource Centre

Representing Depts 401-4 is Tom Daines, who has been a Bataman for fourteen years, coming to East Tilbury within a year of leaving school. With the exception of a brief period in archives, he has been on bottom leather manipulation.
He now operates a machine which does two jobs at once - it roughs and trims edges on stick-on soles used in the Lea Bridge Industries workshops.
“I am interested in every aspect of co-operation between management and workers,” he told Bata Record, “and the M.A.C. is a good example of how matters can be settled by mutual goodwill. Much effective work is done by consultations with members on the floor, and I am at the service of any fellow-worker who has a suggeston to make, or any matter to raise. A co-operative organisation is very necessary in an undertaking as big as British Bata.”
Tom is a keen gardener - he spends much of his spare time in the garden of his bungalow at Corringham, and he si also fond of motor cycling. “In fact,” he said, “I am and enthusiast at it, but I alwasys try to temper my enthusiasm with care and thought for others on the road.”