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Ron Sapsford who represents Depts 711-714 is in his second year of service on the M.A.C., and, although, as he told Bata Record, it is hard work, he is very glad to be back. He expresses thanks to workers of the departments for showing their confidence by returning him unopposed.

“Although the M.A.C. meetings form a good medium of resolving difficulties,” he said, “it is much better to have as many problems as possible ironed out beforehand, between members and fellow-workers. This, in fact, is what frequently happens. When something arises of which it is important that the management should hear, then, of course, it is mentioned at the earliest possible M.A.C. meeting, and I should like to say that, since I have been a member, no reasonable request has ever been refused.

A member of the canteen committee, members of which meet Social Services Manager Bruce Shaw every week to discuss catering matters affecting the workers, Ron said that questions raised at M.A.C. meetings were usually dealt with very promptly - sometimes within a week.

He has been a Bataman for six years, and has been in the engineers’ department all the time. Now he is in the construction shop. He has been interested in mechanics and engineering since he left school, and, during six years service in the war, wan an instrument mechanic in the R.E.M.E.