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For the important section of the Company known as Dept 1202 - or more loosely, the “main office” - Phyllis Jarvis, of the staff department is a member of the M.A.C. team for the second year in succession.

Phyllis is a typist to Staff Manager W J Scheele, and has been a Batawoman for nearly five years. A loyal and reliable worker, she is a member of the bus committee of the M.A.C. - a busy and important section.

Workers often have questions - sometimes complaints - to bring forward about buses, and Phyllis says they can bring them to her, instead of leaving them until a full committee meeting. “I will see that they are all heard and dealt with,” she promised. “Do not worry other members with them - they only have to refer them to me or one of my fellow “bus-specialists”.

And, when Phyllis says she will do a thing it is done - that is her standard.

During the war, she was a member of the Women’s Land Army, and worked at Bata Farm. Another little personal item - which she does not stress - is that she has has passed her life-saving examination at swimming.

“Please that the electors for returning me unopposed,” she said. “I will try my hardest to justify their confidence in me. The staff department has matters of interest to M.A.C. members, as well as factory departments, and the office section in general needs as carefully-chosen representatives as other constituencies.”

“And do you still consider the staff department to be the most important in the factory?” asked the Bata Record.

“Of course!” replied Phyllis.