Reminiscence and Resource Centre

Pat Warren, another member of the M.A.C. for the “Main Office” has been an order clerk in the supply department for the past three years, and a clerk in the retail department for eight years before that, says that she has enjoyed and is still enjoying her service with British Bata.
Popular, happy-go-lucky, and trustworthy, she says that the Office Constituencies need adequate representation on the M.A.C. “I would not call myself exactly adequate,” she said with typical modesty, “but I suppose my fellow workers do, as they have elected me for five years.”
Almost ever since she has been at East Tilbury, Pat has played netball for the factory teams, and for some years past has been skipper and secretary. She can always be relied upon to be there, and never lets the team down. Last year, she was made a member of the committee of the London Business Houses League netball section, and thereby helps to keep Batagirls on the map.
Pat is known to may people in the Thurrock area as an exceptionally skilful needlewoman, with a particular bent for embroidery, and examples of handcraft are seen in many homes. As if that is not enough to occupy her spare time she is the popular leader of a youth club attached to Little Thurrock parish church, for which she helps to organise invariably successful social functions.
“Supply managers and workers co-operate fully to make my work as an M.A.C. member smooth and enjoyable,” she said.