Reminiscence and Resource Centre

“I think it is a wonderful opportunity to get matters settled, and I am very interested in it,” said Margaret Simmonds, who joins tongues in Dept 333. when asked her opinion of the M.A.C., on which she is serving her first year. She represents Depts 331 - 333 and 387.
“I am greatly impressed with the friendly atmosphere of the meetings,” she added, “but I always think it best to try to get matters settled out of court, as it were, and the workers I represent co-operate well in referring their problems to me.”
Margaret has been with the Company for 15 months, in Dept 333 all the time, and is an intelligent, level-headed workers, with a ready grasp of the best course to take when faced with a problem. She became a candidate for the M.A.C. because she considered it an ideal medium through which she could do something for her fellow-workers.