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Ken Wigley, elected this year on the M.A.C. for the first time, looks after the cement-mixing plant of the spreading-house, where adhesives are mixed for the rubber factory.
Ken Wigley became a Bataman in 1946, starting in the sundries stockroom. Then he went to paper stock. he was transferred to the spreading-house tow years ago.
“I am glad to be able to serve on the M.A.C”, he told Bata Record, “as I think it forms an excellent opportunity for management and workers to get together and discuss points of mutual interest. Matters are raised and dealt with in a frank and amicable manner, and I am sure all the members appreciate the responsibility of representing their respective department when their fellow workers feel some little improvement - providing it is sensible and practicable - might be needed.”
Ken, as all sports enthusiasts know, plays outside left for Bata Sports senior football team, of which he is one of the most popular members. He has played regularly since 1948, and has missed very few matches.