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An experienced member of Dept 401 - 4, Ken Stanley is a member of M.A.C. He cuts counters in Dept 401, but has done most other jobs in the department during his 15 years service at East Tilbury, and is still called on when something needs attention, whether it be preparing or cutting.

Ken is a keen advocate of the M.A.C., which, he says, is effective not only in itself, but by virtue of the various subsidiary bodies which have sprung from it, or form part of it, such as the Board of Arbitration and the bus committee.

“But the M.A.C. is not only a body of workers who meet the management every month,” he pointed out. “It’s members are elected to help settle problems of their fellow-workers, and to advise on the best means of getting things done. I invite any worker who has something he wants to be ventilated, or dealt with in any way, to come to me, and I will do my best to try to get it settled. With my experience, I can advise as to which matters it would be sensible to present and how to present them - if they need to go as fare as the Committee meeting.

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