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John Wightman, representing 470 floor, was returned unopposed, and has done several jobs in the leather factory, where he has worked for 17 years, on almost every design of footwear turned out there. His present job is welt-joiner on the staple-welted shoes produced in Dept 473.
Very calm and steady, John is popular with all workers on the floor, several of whom come to him for advice, which he gives readily, and with the reliability born of long and stable service.
“I was nominated for the M.A.C. seven years ago,” he said, “and was unsuccessful in the election. Now that I am a member, I feel I shall be in a recognized position to help management and workers to work together in the best interests of the factory, its people, and its production. I think the M.A.C. is doing good work in this respect. I hope anyone who wants a matter ventilated through the Committee will come and have a chat with me - they can rely on faithful representation.”
The leather factory - as other buildings at East Tilbury - was smaller, in John’s earliest days than it is now, and he has seen production, personnel and everything else grow considerably. When he came, Princess Avenue, on Bata Estate, where he lives was new, and the number of houses was very much smaller.
He spends much of his non-working time with his care, in which he travels scores of miles a year. He often takes camping kit, and camps out during suitable weekends, as well as the usual holidays.