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Clicker, Jimmy Hutton, is another member of the M.A.C. He started on preparing, and he is eager to serve fellow workers in any way he can.

“I will do my best for any and everyone, whoever they are, and whatever they raise,” he said, “and will make suggestions which I hope will lead to a speedy settlement.

“Failing that, I will point out what appear to me as the pros and cons of a point and suggest the channels in which it could effectively be raised. Not every subject need go before an M.A.C. meeting.”

Unopposed, Jimmy is now in his third year on the M.A.C., which he says has formed the means of getting many beneficial concessions for the workers.
An M.A.C. member, he stresses, should be prepared to do something more than just attend meetings. A member is like an MP - he or she represents a certain constituency, and should be available at any time to discuss matters with his constituents, and, if it is the best thing to do, duly to put the point forward.

Jimmy has been at East Tilbury for six years.