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The M.A.C. is as valuable for preserving the harmonious relations which always exist between management and workers as it is as a means of solving factory problems.
This is the opinion of Jack Weston, who represents Depts 771-2 and 727.
Always cheery, Jack has been on the building maintenance staff ever since he came to East Tilbury 13 years ago, and is now helping to build two new cottages on Bata Farm. He works wherever the Company owns land - in the factory, on the farm and on the Estate, and has done practically everything from pipe-laying to roof-repairing.
He is a whole-hearted supporter of the M.A.C., and especially of the policy dealing with matters before taking them to a full meeting. “A lot can be done with a little tact and co-operation,” he said, “and I get every possible help from everyone in the office. problems are brought to me, and we discuss them in a friendly, round-table manner.
“Sometimes of course, it is better for questions to be referred to the committee, and, when I bring them up, they are invariably dealt with reasonably and fairly.”
This is Jack’s fourth year with the M.A.C. and his constituents expressed their satisfaction at his stewardship by electing him unopposed. His wife, Kate, is a senior worker in Dept 231.